OPAAT Terrariums

I’ve made a habit of popping into garden centers and nurseries when I’m on the road and dashing between meetings. It gives me the chance to stop, take a moment to observe a house full of beautiful plants, and (almost always) purchase a little-green-something or a new vessel for planting. Finally, I thought: Why not replicate these botanical environments on a micro scale to keep at home?

Not Satisfied With Just One Piece!

Once I’ve collected enough pieces, I set everything out on the patio table and devise a plan for assembly. Now, I begin work that turns into the kind of flow where time just melts away. It’s truly amazing therapy to forget about time, about worries, about anything other than the work that’s immediately at-hand. And there’s truly a transcendent quality to the kind of peace and satisfaction that comes from using your hands to be creative, to actually make something tangible and beautiful.

A Gorgeous Collection of Little Worlds in Glass

Although I have a strict rule against giving living things to others as gifts (unless I know they’re already a hobbyist or actually asked for the Beta fish), these can be an exception.

Succulent terrariums are extremely low-maintenance. They’re already done, so no extra work is involved. The plants require little attention beyond moderate light, occasional gentle misting with water, and the plants usually take so long to grow that re-potting isn’t necessary for long after gifting. Plus, they look great no matter where they’re kept.

On the other hand, woodland terrariums — think begonias, ferns, carnivorous plants, and moss — are also gorgeous. They bring lushness with their deep greens and rich pops of color. Although they require more attention with regular watering, and will need re-potting sooner than their desert cousins, these terrariums are a great and sophisticated way to bring the serenity of the forest into your home or office space.

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